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Video FAQ's - Problems Playing Videos

Information about playing the videos on our web site.

We are striving to bring our viewers the highest possible quality videos that we can while at the same time being certain that each and every viewer can view our videos without issues.

Doing this requires keeping up with new formats, technologies and delivery methods as we move into the age of high definition as well as a wide range desktop and mobile devices - not to mention different web browsers - that often have different requirements.

As we do this, there may be some growing pains and we sincerely apologize for this. This page is designed to minimize those growing pains and quickly get you on your way to viewing our newer and better videos.

"I can play the older videos on your site without any problms - but some of the newer videos seem to be loading but don't play ..."

If you are experiencing any problem viewing our newer videos (or any of our videos) - including this above - the issue is most likely that you have an older version of "Adobe Flash Player" installed on your PC.

For these higher quality videos your Adobe Flash player should be version or later. The current player version is (as of this writing).

To resolve this is fast, simple, easy and FREE!   Simply go to the Adobe web site and download and install (HERE) the newest version of the required flash player (if you can view any of our videos - or even YouTube videos - you already have this flash player installed on your PC - but most likely an older version that needs to be upgraded for free - just "run" or save and install after your download begins).

As a rule, you will want to upgrade your flash player installation over time anyway. It should additionally make your video viewing experience better across the web. So please complete this and see if it resolves your issues (we expect it will).

If you continue to experience problems please contact us so that we can provide futher assistance.

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